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Curtain hooks are small devices used to attach curtains or draperies to curtain rods or tracks. They play a crucial role in hanging curtains securely and ensuring they can be opened and closed smoothly.

Hook A 101
7cm(H) x 2cm(W)
Color: White
1 Pack: 10pcs
1 Box: 100pcs (10 pack)
1 Carton: 3000pcs (30 box)

Hook B 104
7cm(H) x 2cm(W)
Color: White
1 Pack: 10pcs
1 Box: 100pcs (10 pack)
1 Carton: 3000pcs (30 box)

Curtain hooks are used to attach curtains or draperies to curtain rods, tracks, or rings. They provide a reliable and secure connection that prevents curtains from falling or coming loose.

Smooth Operation
Curtain hooks allow curtains to glide smoothly along the curtain rod or track when opened or closed. This ensures that curtains are easy to manipulate and operate.

Precise Positioning
Curtain hooks enable precise positioning of the curtains on the rod or track. This helps achieve a neat and uniform appearance when the curtains are drawn.

Curtain hooks offer flexibility in terms of curtain type and style. They can be used with various curtain styles, including pinch pleat, pencil pleat, or tab top curtains.

Aesthetic Appeal
Some curtain hooks are designed to be decorative and can enhance the overall aesthetic of the curtains and the room. Decorative hooks may have ornate designs or finishes that complement the curtain fabric or room decor.

Curtain hooks can be used with a variety of curtain materials, including lightweight fabrics, heavy drapes, and sheer curtains.

Easy Installation
Curtain hooks are typically easy to install. They can be inserted into the curtain header or loops and then attached to the curtain rings or rod.

Variety of Materials
Curtain hooks are available in different materials, such as metal, plastic, or wood. The choice of material can affect the curtain's appearance and durability.

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